Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

775-nm pulsed fiber laserMPBC’s line of Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers have been designed to allow users flexibility in their application refinement. With user selectable pulse-widths and repetition rates, these lasers put more options into the hands of the user than traditional lasers with fixed parameters. In addition, the ability to externally trigger pulses on some of the models make these laser an extremely flexible tool.

Based on an all-fiber laser cavity design and offering excellent beam quality and wall plug efficiency, these compact air-cooled lasers are an ideal choice for your application.




  Wavelength Energy/Pulse Pulse duration**
External or
Internal Triggering
1028, 1064, 1550 nm 100 nJ 1.5 - 4 ns
514, 532 nm 50 nJ 1.3 - 4 ns
775 nm 30 nJ 1.3 - 4 ns
Internal Triggering 1120, 1240 nm 60 nJ 1.1 - 4 ns
560, 620 nm 10 nJ 0.5 - 2 ns
Other repetition rates custom
Other models available


Pulsed Fiber Lasers


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